How to Teach Programming with Google Sites

With the release of our embeddable Python Trinkets that Brian announced a few days ago, I got thinking: where else does this let us teach programming concepts?  Google Apps is huge in the education market (and we use it here at Trinket), so I wondered how Trinket worked with Google Sites.  Turns out they work great together!  Trinket turns a static Google site into an interactive teaching platform requiring no installation at all. Check it out:

Our interactive Python Trinkets on a Google Sites page
Our interactive Python Trinkets on a Google Sites page (click the image to see it live)

This means that the millions of teachers and thousands of districts using Google Apps for Education can now teach the basics of programming without installing software!  What’s more, the Chromebooks that are now 1 in 5 education computer purchases are first class citizens in this universe.  Fire up a browser and you’re ready to go.

 Update: I wrote a Step-by-Step Guide to Putting a Trinket on Google Sites.  I hope you find it useful!  Tweet me if you have any questions.

This will be super convenient for those already using Google Sites.

Ready to get started?  Sign up and get going!  Already a trinket user?  Log in to start putting your trinkets onto your Google Site!

Screenshot 2014-07-18 at 3.34.03 PM    Screenshot 2014-07-18 at 3.37.08 PM

Tweet at me if you’ve got questions or examples of cool Google Sites with Trinkets in them!

  • Piers Casimir

    How to embed in a Google site?
    Share? then …?

    • Elliott Hauser

      Hey Piers. I wrote a 3 step tutorial on how to embed a Trinket on Google Sites (with screenshots) here: – I hope you find it useful!