Video: Getting Started with Turtle

This is the first of a series of Videos we’re releasing that cover key concepts of Python using Trinket.  Below the video you’ll find interactive trinkets with the exact code you see in the videos!  This way, you can follow along as the video plays.  If you’d like more great video content, check out Python […]

Writing Poetry in Python

Python has been called a poetic programming language, so I thought why not try writing poetry with it?  This is a bit of a departure, but my background in Art History always helps me look for the artistic applications of what we’re doing at Trinket.  So here’s a generative poem I wrote in Python. Click Run and […]

Computational Thinking: How Pat Counts Teaches Physics with Python

This is the third of an occasional interview series I’m doing of educational innovators.  You can find the whole series here. Pat Counts is a Physics teacher from Wyoming, Ohio (a city outside of Cincinnati).  We met him at the Pycon Education Summit, where we learned of his efforts to incorporate Python into his curriculum.  We’ve […]

How Brian Painter is Teaching Programming with Minecraft

A phrase I hear increasingly often is ‘I’m not a Teacher but I Teach’.  Brian Painter is representative of a group of Trinket users who don’t make their living teaching. He teaches a programming class for kids several times a year that he runs in addition to his day job. We think the way he’s […]

How to Teach Programming with Google Sites

With the release of our embeddable Python Trinkets that Brian announced a few days ago, I got thinking: where else does this let us teach programming concepts?  Google Apps is huge in the education market (and we use it here at Trinket), so I wondered how Trinket worked with Google Sites.  Turns out they work […]