Put Interactive Python on Any Page

We are excited to announce the release of a new tool that lets anyone embed Interactive Python on their own blog or web site. This technology has been available in Trinket from the beginning and starting today you can use it for free and without signing in. We’ve seen over and over how the interactivity of this tool increases engagement with students and we hope you’ll try it out in your own teaching.

Take a look at the example below to see it in action. Click Result to watch it run. Click back over to Python and make some changes. You’ll be able to immediately see your changes by clicking back over to Result!

In mid-April our team traveled to Montreal for PyCon. During the conference one of our users took time to create a very cool tree. Here is a slightly modified version: the rainbow tree!

Our lead engineer, Ben Wheeler, performed his magic by integrating open source software like the Ace Editor and Skulpt to create this easy to use tool. Trinket will take care of the hosting and upgrading: you just write the code you need and get teaching!

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