Introducing Trinket Code+

Meet our Code+ plan, a new, low-cost plan designed specifically for learners. Here are some features to get excited about: Unlimited premium trinkets. Run your code in a full version of Python 3 or Java on our servers. Designed for learners. Streamlined access to the premium feature learners use the most. Low cost. Individual plans […]

Creating Images with Java

Java is a powerful language that’s been popular in education for many years. Like all programming languages, it’s often helpful for learners to work with images. The visual feedback that images give can be more engaging and more intuitive than text alone. Yet, many instructors don’t know that you can use Java’s built-in libraries to […]

How to Make a 3D Astro Pi

I’m excited to finally be able to show off a special project we’ve been working on with our friends at the Raspberry Pi Foundation for the past few months: a 3D Astro Pi emulator! ¬†Hundreds of thousands of students and teachers have used Trinket to run Python, Java, and HTML in their classrooms. ¬†Now, thanks […]

How we built a virtual Sense HAT with the Raspberry Pi Foundation

We’ve been working most of the summer on an exiting new project with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, one of the world’s leading coding education charities. Together we built an in-browser emulator for the Sense HAT device, which adds sensors, gyroscopes, and color LEDs to their inexpensive Raspberry Pi computers. Here’s what the finished product looks […]