Add Interactive Code to any Weebly Site

You may have seen our series of How-To posts on how to install Trinkets on various websites and LMSs.  By popular demand, here is a screencast about how to add a Trinket to a Weebly page.  This will let you and your students use interactive code on any Weebly site, greatly enhancing your classes!

Weebly is a simple and beautiful website generator used by many schools.  The site lets anyone make websites for free, so even if your school hasn’t bought the premium plan you and your students can use it to make free websites.

Our users love Weebly’s ease of use.  It’s the easiest way for them and their students to participate in the Web by making their own sites.  We love Weebly because they share our focus on getting technology out of the way and letting people create cool stuff with tech!

Hope you enjoy! If you have any problems or would like to ask a question, please Tweet or Email us!  We’d love to see examples of cool Weebly sites with Trinkets in them.  Finally, if you use another platform not in our How To section and would like to see a post about it, get in touch. Special thanks to teacher Michael Hobson from Maryland who did just that and inspired us to record this video!