Single Sign On with Google, Edmodo, Clever

Signing on to all your favorite edtech tools and platforms can be a pain. It’s a known problem but one that we often have to endure in both classrooms and workplaces alike. At Trinket we know this issue first-hand and have been quietly adding different ways for teachers and students to login and access their […]

Using Images in Turtle programs

Today we’re excited to announce that you can customize your Python trinkets even further by using images in turtle programs! You can upload your own images and use them as the background of your scene or as a replacement for the shape of the turtle. Let’s jump right in and see an example:

Building a Smarter Python Editor

Teachers and students from all over the world are using our Python trinket to write code in their CS, Math and Science classes. As we’ve visited classrooms using Trinket, we’ve heard requests for an even smarter python editor that helps students learn as they code. There are plenty of tutorials out there, but Trinket students and teachers want […]

JavaScript in HTML trinkets

When we first released our HTML trinkets last Fall, we were excited about providing the opportunity for teachers to teach the web. Of course HTML helps build an understanding of how to properly structure web pages and with inline CSS you can easily style pages. This separation of concerns is critical to creating basic web […]

Top 10 educator interviews from Trinket’s first year

One of the best parts of my job is talking to our awesome users.  We’ve been fortunate that many of them have given interviews explaining how they teach with code.  This interview series, available here on our blog, has been extremely popular as readers are able to get a better idea of how others are […]