Top 10 posts from Trinket’s first year

When we started this blog in early 2014 we had a simple goal: to share stories, ideas, and interviews that anyone teaching or learning code would find useful.  Here are the top 10 posts we wrote this year. 1 – Why Python is a Great First Language This post has become so popular we just […]

Six Questions Second Grade Students asked me about Coding

As part of the Hour of Code, our whole team has been visiting and Skyping with students to help them get hands-on with code and answer questions about how we use it at Trinket.  These questions were sent to me by Ms. Gerdes’ second grade class in Grapevine, Texas. When do you begin coding? Elliott: You […]

How to make Python Games with Trinket

I’m very excited to announce a new and much-requested feature.  Our latest update lets you make cool interactive games by letting our Python Trinkets react to click and key events.  But, in true Trinket spirit, how about I show you first, then tell: Turtles in Space is a simple asteroids clone that demonstrates this new speed […]

Better Blocks with Improved Code View

We released our Blocks trinkets just a few short weeks ago and have had lots of fun seeing everything students have created. We’ve also heard from teachers and students alike how neat it is to be able to see the underlying code that the blocks produce. That feedback has been great but we’ve been wondering […]

Mike Molony is Solving Project Euler, Interactively

Our interactive Python trinkets were designed to be used in the classroom but users are finding many other creative ways to use them!  In this interview, Mike Molony describes how he’s been steadily working his way through Project Euler, a set of mathematical programming challenges, and blogging his interactive solutions using Trinket.  Enjoy!   This is part of […]