Single Sign On with Google, Edmodo, Clever

Signing on to all your favorite edtech tools and platforms can be a pain. It’s a known problem but one that we often have to endure in both classrooms and workplaces alike. At Trinket we know this issue first-hand and have been quietly adding different ways for teachers and students to login and access their trinkets without needing to remember yet another password. We’ve supported signing in with Google for a while now and through an exciting collaboration with the Howard County Public School System (check out some cool examples from Oakland Mills Middle School), we enabled single sign on through Clever a couple of months ago. Today we’re excited to also announce integration with Edmodo including the availability to access Trinket through the Edmodo Store. We hope that single sign on with Google, Edmodo, and Clever makes it a little easier to get everyone signed in and coding quickly.

Single sign on with Google, Edmodo, and Clever

If you have another favorite system you use on a daily basis that you’d like to see us integrate with just let us know by sending a message to!

Haven’t heard of Clever but interested in learning more? Fill out this form or get in touch and we’ll help you out.

P.S. Did you know you can add your own images to HTML trinkets? It’s true! You no longer need to worry about finding a place to host images when creating web pages with trinket. Try it out below!