Introducing Trinket Code+

Meet our Code+ plan, a new, low-cost plan designed specifically for learners. Here are some features to get excited about:

The Next Step in Our Mission

Trinket’s mission is to make the world’s easiest way to write, run, and share code in the classroom. Our free trinkets provide hundreds of thousands of users with tools for making code while they learn. Our premium Trinket Connect plan has proven popular with users around the world, offering enhanced collaboration, classroom management, and more powerful trinkets.  Now, our Code+ plan provides low-cost access to premium trinkets, designed for learners.

Write, Run, and Share Powerful Code

With the Code+ account you can write, run, and share your premium trinkets with anyone.  Create a new trinket and use the Share button to get a link you can send to anyone.  Or embed it on your website, just like a YouTube video.  Visitors to your website or shared link will be able to run your code, no installation required.

A Code+ account lets you Remix any premium trinket you find on the web.  This saves a copy of your changes to your account, and lets you work on your version of the trinket from wherever you found it.

In addition, Code+ account holders will be able to copy any of the premium trinkets in our interactive Trinket Books, Python for Everybody and Think Java.  This makes these free resources even more helpful.

Trinket Connect is Here to Stay

Don’t worry: our Trinket Connect plans aren’t going anywhere, and we’ll continue to add and improve our collaboration and classroom management features.  Trinket Connect plans will continue to be the right choice for some needs and budgets, and Code+ provides even more flexibility for Trinket’s individual and school customers.

More Power for Self-directed Learners

Trinket Connect has been a popular option for many self-directed learners, but these learners have little use for many of the collaboration and classroom management features this plan offers.  Code+ offers self-directed learners a lower-cost way of getting only the features they need.

Learn more on our updated individual plans page.

Bringing Code to More Classrooms

We have a vision of Code in Every Classroom, and our new Code+ pricing is designed to make using premium trinkets feasible for even more schools around the world. Simplified pricing makes purchasing an annual school subscription even easier. Additional discounts apply for orders of 100 or more accounts.

Learn more on our updated schools plans page.

We’ve Got Answers

As always, we’re happy to give advice on the best configuration to meet your needs and budget.  Not sure if Code+ is right for you? Get in touch!

More Updates Coming Soon

Our new plan isn’t the only update we have to share.  Stay tuned for some exciting new trinket types, including two new premium trinkets that will be supported by Code+.