25 thoughts on “Why Python is a Great First Language

  1. javascript/html/css can be used on the desktop just like python. Also PHP is a much better language that also can be used to program desktop applications.

  2. These are great reasons, Elliott. There are many worse languages than Python to have as a first one, and Trinket goes a long way to make it as available as BASIC was on the 8-bits.

    No language is perfect, though. With Python/trinket, there’s still a bit of explaining to do:
    · Why does it think a student’s name is a syntax error if they are called Zoë or 지훈? ASCII isn’t for everyone.
    · If you’re first taught that 3 ÷ 2 = 1½, there’ some unlearning to do when faced with Python’s 3 / 2 = 1.

    1. You’ll be glad to hear the syntax changed in Python 3.x.
      so 3/2 = 1.5 and 3//2 = is the old integer rounding.

      1. Yes, but I was talking about trinket, under which 3/2=1. Python 3 has broken/threatened deprecation of too many things I find useful (f”rinstance: print as a command, % and C-compatible(ish) formatting, ‘*’ for grouping) that I won’t use it.

  3. And don’t forget micropython for embedded microcontrollers. So you can write in the REPL from your computer while the program runs on the embedded cpu, like an interactive Arduino but in Python. Yay Python.

      1. As you can program hardware by usb com port – maybe trinket coudl be used in this way directly to program and interact with pyboard ?

        Contact Damien at micropython – or on forum – to see if its useful to do.

  4. Python is a great language because of its simple grammar. Its formatting requirements cause my students to become accustomed to associating formatting with the logical structure of their programs. As a result, they have good formatting habits when they learn Java and C.

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  6. Python is a good first language because it’s easy to learn, teaches good coding style, etc. But if you’re going to be seriously getting into web programming, just learn a web coding language like php. (Along with xhtml/css/javascript etc.)

  7. First AND last language. It’ simply the best and cleanest language, very powerful. There’s a reason most penetration testing applications are written in it.

  8. Python has genuine compactness highlights and can be utilized over a large number of stages; its adaptability and extensibility make it cherished by developers….Thanks for sharing these types of informative…

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