Add Interactive Code to any Weebly Site

You may have seen our series of How-To posts on how to install Trinkets on various websites and LMSs.  By popular demand, here is a screencast about how to add a Trinket to a Weebly page.  This will let you and your students use interactive code on any Weebly site, greatly enhancing your classes! Weebly is […]

4 Tips for Showing Code to Students

One of the core things we do as teachers is show interesting things to students, inciting curiosity and motivating learning.  Teaching code is no different, yet showing code to students can be needlessly difficult.  Here are four tips for showing your students code we’ve learned from observing teachers in the classroom. 1. Be clear about *which* code you’re […]

Lesson idea: Make your own Code Jack-o-lantern

Last week I had the privilege of guest teaching at North Star Academy‘s day of enrichment.  Principal Leslie Crane explained that this is one of three all-day events where students in the school self-select based on interest, mixing ages in the process.  The section I had the opportunity to work with was a mix of […]

Take Students from Scratch to Python with our new Block Trinkets

We’re excited to announce our new Block Trinkets, which link Scratch-like drag-and-drop blocks with the power of the Python programming language! At Trinket our mission is to help every teacher bring code to their students.  Our Original Python trinkets are helping thousands do just that around the world.  But recently we’ve heard from more and […]