Add Files to your Python Trinkets

We are very excited to announce a new feature that allows you to add files to your Python trinkets. Many users have additional modules they’ve written to import, data files they would like to read in and manipulate, and other types of files that make really powerful programs. Before today you would need to copy […]

Top 10 educator interviews from Trinket’s first year

One of the best parts of my job is talking to our awesome users.  We’ve been fortunate that many of them have given interviews explaining how they teach with code.  This interview series, available here on our blog, has been extremely popular as readers are able to get a better idea of how others are […]

Take Students from Scratch to Python with our new Block Trinkets

We’re excited to announce our new Block Trinkets, which link Scratch-like drag-and-drop blocks with the power of the Python programming language! At Trinket our mission is to help every teacher bring code to their students.  Our Original Python trinkets are helping thousands do just that around the world.  But recently we’ve heard from more and […]

Brad Miller and the search for interactive teaching tools

Luther College computer science professor Brad Miller is a true innovator and one of our inspirations here at Trinket.  He’s the core maintainer for the Skulpt project, which we use in our Python trinkets, and has built one of the best free online computer science textbook collections around at   In this interview, we […]