Teacher Meg Ray is bridging the digital divide

I had the pleasure of meeting Meg at this year’s PyGotham, a Python conference in NYC.  Meg’s talk was “High Technology for High Needs Students: A Year of Programming in the Bronx”.  She wasn’t a Computer Science major but is one of thousands of teachers who’ve stepped up, learned to code, and are now helping […]

Katie Cunningham and the birth of Young Coders Tutorial

Katie Cunningham is a programmer, author, and one of the minds behind the Young Coders Tutorial, which teaches kids to code a game on the Raspberry Pi computer- and then lets them keep the computer!  I’m very excited that she agreed to an interview because the story of just how she came to affect so […]

Brad Miller and the search for interactive teaching tools

Luther College computer science professor Brad Miller is a true innovator and one of our inspirations here at Trinket.  He’s the core maintainer for the Skulpt project, which we use in our Python trinkets, and has built one of the best free online computer science textbook collections around at interactivepython.org.   In this interview, we […]

Walt Gurley is teaching code at a science museum

Our interactive Python trinkets were designed to be used in the classroom but users are finding many other creative ways to use them!  In this interview, Walt Gurley of the Visual World Investigate Lab (VisLab) at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences shares his way of teaching programming and creative thinking in the context of a hands-on lab. This […]