JavaScript in HTML trinkets

When we first released our HTML trinkets last Fall, we were excited about providing the opportunity for teachers to teach the web. Of course HTML helps build an understanding of how to properly structure web pages and with inline CSS you can easily style pages. This separation of concerns is critical to creating basic web […]

Add Files to your Python Trinkets

We are very excited to announce a new feature that allows you to add files to your Python trinkets. Many users have additional modules they’ve written to import, data files they would like to read in and manipulate, and other types of files that make really powerful programs. Before today you would need to copy […]

Better Blocks with Improved Code View

We released our Blocks trinkets just a few short weeks ago and have had lots of fun seeing everything students have created. We’ve also heard from teachers and students alike how neat it is to be able to see the underlying code that the blocks produce. That feedback has been great but we’ve been wondering […]

Organize your Python Trinkets

Over the past few weeks we have heard from you just how effective interactive trinkets can be for teaching programming to their students. Even though it takes a few steps to create and embed trinkets we have seen thousands created and hundreds installed in websites around the world.  You’ve helped us realize that interactive examples […]

Embeddable Python Charts

Based on some great feedback and requests on our interactive Python Trinkets, today we’re releasing two Python Trinket features: data visualization and interactive animations.  We can’t wait to see how you use these Python charts in class. Ben Wheeler, our Lead Engineer, is on fire.  He built out our new interactive Python charts in just one week. […]