Rhett Allain on “Sloppy Code” and Messy Learning

Dr. Rhett Allain is an educator, author, and blogger who’s fascinated by physics.  In his books and on his blog for Wired he explores the wacky calculations behind cool things, real and imaginary.  From the physics of Stephen Curry’s Jump Shot to the Center of Mass of Thor’s Hammer, Allain consistently amuses an interests himself and […]

Dan Aldred’s Coding Sites Reach the UK & Beyond

Dan Aldred is an exceptional teacher, even amongst the already great bunch we have the pleasure of working with every day at Trinket.  In addition to teaching sophmores (Year 10s, as they say over in the UK), Dan puts all of his educational material online at canyoucompute.co.uk, tecoed.co.uk and cambridgetech.co.uk.  In this interview, Dan talks about how […]

Veronica Jimenez brought the Hour of Python to Spanish Speakers

Designer Veronica Jimenez is the awesome person who translated our Hour of Python activity into Spanish, which you can see here.  In this interview, she discusses how she came to her career, the experience of translating our site, and the challenges of learning to code in a second (or third!) language like she did. You can […]

Ram Rachum and his PythonTurtle project

This week we have a very special interviewee.  Israeli software developer Ram Rachum started PythonTurtle as a side project in 2009.  Focused on giving students and easy and fun introduction to real code centered around Python’s Turtle module, the downloadable Mac and Windows program is being used in classrooms around the world to get students […]